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About Green Bokujo

Concept: Communion with Nature, People and Culture

Ikaho Green Bokujo ranch was established in 1970 as the Tourism Business Division of Nihon Tochisanrin Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa ward, Tokyo), a company that has carefully cultivated forests for over 100 years since the Meiji era.

With "communion with nature, people and culture" as its philosophy, the ranch provides a chance to commune with animals while enjoying the seasonal beauty of Japan amidst the rich green at the base of Mt. Haruna.

At Green Bokujo, visitors can commune with nature, learn about the workings of a recycling-oriented ranch, and experience ecology. They can also go to the adjoining Hara Museum ARC to enjoy contemporary art and the Kankai Pavilion for traditional East Asian art.

At Green Bokujo, you will find endless opportunities to encounter different worlds all in one place. It is the recreational ranch of the future.